Momma, Me and Lil’ Green

Momma and I had Lil’ Green packed and ready to go. We had been planning a trip to the Amish Country since last Fall. Ah, you know, in Ohio’s Northeast Amish Area? Dear hubby and I had stopped through there with the children the year before on our way to Niagara Falls. 

Yeah, that was a real nice trip. The Falls were great. Why, you can hear the water soon as you get in the city. We couldn’t figure out what in the world that noise was. And the mist, heck we thought it was just a bunch of fog that just kept a coming. Indeed, a fine trip. 

When I had told Momma about the peace I felt passing through those Amish lands, well, we knew we had to go back. It’s kinda difficult for me to put into words, like a secret you tell in a hushed tone. It was similar to going back in time. You seen those old black and white photos of people standing on a porch? When the time must of felt to last forever. When things were simpler. When time was passed by the sweat of your own brow. It really gave me a big impression. And I was a wanting to feel like that again. 

So, like I said, we had Lil’ Green packed up and ready to go. Lil’ Green, you see, she’s my car. She was only two months old at the time. Rolled her right out off the showroom floor with only eight miles on her. First and only New car we bought. How in the world I talked Dear Hubby into buying her, I don’t know. Oh, how I loved that car. I couldn’t wait to get her on her first big trip!

So, with Kisses given to each Family member, waves good-bye, Dropped off Kizzy, our Pup, at the Kennel and Away We Went!

As we sped through our well known roads across Kentucky, we talked about work, family and our health. Momma and I were both nurses that worked at the same place. Just like any other two women that get together, nothing was too sacred to gossip about. It feels Good to talk to someone that thinks like you do. Whom better than your own Mother? Why we was solving all the World’s problems traveling that day. 

The day was a blur of places we were passing, Leitchfield, Elizabethtown, up through Louisville then on to Cincinnati. Just that piece of the trip was around 200 miles. Have to get most of the route behind us the First Day you know. 

And Lord, how it stormed on us. The lightening flashed as the heavens just opened up and poured on us. Lil’ Green held her traction well. We just kept on trucking! Those Storms just beat on us as we steered through. We were determined to get to Coshocton before we got Washed Away. I was a telling Momma about Coshocton being an old Indian town…when..

..when Momma Screamed Out… 

Brakes..Sliding on the Wet Asphalt..CRASH . .. … 

It was like a Bad Dream. Disbelief. Playing over in my mind. This didn’t happen .. as I quickly pulled out of the road. I had to see. What does Lil’ Green look like? I was in Shock. I flung the door open. I hurried to catch a glimpse.  I must have been standing there with my mouth open. I notice Momma and she was looking back at me with a ‘Is it THAT bad?’ expression as she had not yet made it out of the car. 

“The first ding is the worst.” Momma said matter of factly as she got out of her seat. 

I came back. .. . Rushed back. 

It was Real. 

But We are Safe. 

Everything will be ok. 

After that, we had to get settled in for the night. 

The Next Day
Now, why would two Women travel almost Six hours away just to catch a glimpse of People that are Known to Pull Away from Society? I don’t know either. But we sure were excited about it!

We woke with our hearts racing realizing where we were, we hurried our showers, gobbled down our biscuits and gravy, jumped in now banged up Lil’ Green with Big Plans to See Everything. 

After phone calls back home the night before to Dear Hubby and the insurance company, I did manage to tie the front bumper back on. Lil’ Green sure had a terrible black eye. Still, no real damage was done. 

We headed North on 83 when we caught a glimpse of a hand written sign. 

Maple Syrup —-> This Way

We knew we had arrived. As we turned off of the Speed Limit HighWay, ..things.. things… started to, ..well, feel pleasant. 

Lil’ Green rode slower. Taking in the view as it Welcomed Us. Rolling green hills. 

White puffy clouds. 

Amazingly blue sky. 

Red barns tucked in by creeks .. ponds .. Breeze flying by .. Circling Lil’ Green ..embracing us. Black buggies pulled by us with the rhythm of a clopping horse.  

Soothing sounds pulled in our car windows, being a part of the nature. Birds singing. Cows laying in the field. 

How I love this feeling. 

This is where I longed to be. 

One with the Land. 

Not taking or giving. 

Just Being.