The Happy Vitamin 

Vitamin B6

It’s not the vitamin we hear a lot about. So is it really all that important? B6 is one of eight “B” vitamins. The B vitamins generally keep our bodies running like well oiled machines. They convert our food into fuel giving our bodies the energy it craves. But each “B” performs uniquely. This is about B6. 

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a water soluble vitamin. That means it will dissolve in water. Now when we talk vitamins that is important to know. Why? Because your body cannot store extra water soluble vitamins. They will flush away in the kidneys. That means it is difficult to overdose on them, not impossible, but difficult. The body will flush away the extra. 
Ever heard the expression, “You’re just flushing those vitamins down the toilet.” That’s why. Anything extra your body does not need goes to the kidneys. But, Hello! Isn’t that the Beautiful thing about it? So take your vitamins. 🙂

Vitamin B6 has special areas to give energy to. 

Neurotransmitters-nerve fibers that carry your “brain’s command” from one cell to another

Serotonin-that little neurotransmitter that helps you control pain, sleep, mood, and Happiness 😊 So, yes, B6 makes you Happy. There you have it. But it does So Much More!

Norepinephrine- is the neurotransmitter that can be secreted like a hormone in response to stress. You’ve heard the “Flight or Fight” response. This guy. In doing this, it is trying to regulate your heart. Yes, you’ve got it. This one also helps avoid heart attacks. ❤️
Myelin Formation-The myelin is a fatty substance that covers our long nerve cells that are like wires through out our body. This fatty substance must be constantly replaced and repaired by the body in which the B6 helps with.
If there is an area along the nerve cell that the myelin has not been formed ( the fatty substance) then the signal the brain is sending is delayed. Do you know where this would cause concerns? Well, a hand on a hot stove for one example. Can’t get that response to move quick enough this person will get burned.  
How about Diabetic Neuropathy? Yes. Diabetes is not a life sentence for everyone. With lifestyle changes, for some diabetes can be cured. But what about Multiple Sclerosis? Yes. This is also a case of depleting myelin formation. Of course MS is severe.
Yeah pretty important things there, huh? But B6 keeps going. 
It is essential in protein metabolism. You know when the body breaks protein down into amino acids. Surely you know how important these are. They are 20 and to explain them will have to be for another day. But I will tell you problems with amino acids give you problems with your weight (weight loss or gain), hair, skin, sleep, mood, sexual, heart, muscles, joints, and menses. So eat your Proteins with B6!

Glucose Metabolism- Helps the Body turn any Sugars Consumed into Energy
Making of Hemoglobin- Its the part of the Red Blood Cells (blood) that carries oxygen (“air”) from the lungs to the rest of the body. Without oxygen the rest of the body would die. 
And now the Biggies!
Brain Function!
If you haven’t already figured it out by helping neurotransmitters, B6 is also said to actually Boost Brain Performance including Memory. Yeah with Solid Studies on that one. 

Save the Best for Last. 
Vitamin B6 is can Cure Pregnancy Morning Sickness!

Sure wish I knew that one many years ago. 

So talk to your Doc about taking Vitamin B6 or just grab it in these foods. Sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts, tuna steaks ( not canned tuna), turkey, chicken, pork chops, prunes, filet steak, ribeye, bananas, avocados, and cooked spinach. Remember! B6 makes you Happy! Enjoy!!


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