You Are Invited!

Welcome to My Blog! This is a New Experience for me and I’m Thankful to be able to start it. I will be sharing some of my Life Experiences. From Flesh to Soul, Thinking to Doing, Crafting to Sewing, Art to Cleaning and anything else that Comes To Mind. Here’s a Bit about Me. 


Yep, that’s me. Leaning in for a Pic. I don’t have that many photos of myself. And the ones I do someone else took them! Bet that sounds familiar. I have vacation albums that I’m not even in! Oh well. 

I would say that I am a “Middle Aged” woman, being that I am in the 35-58 years old range. Yes Ma’m, 35 is considered middle aged. I know I was shocked too! Alas, being I’m past 35, I can no longer dispute it. 
I have been married to my Bestest Friend for more than 10 years, running up on #15 mark! He, Dear Hubby, has a Mechanical Mind that he uses very well to Fix just about any Darn thing the Kids and I throw his way. He’s a Great Father that tries Hard to do the Best for Us. Love you Honey😘. 
My oldest, Dear Son, has reached Adult Age now while he is away at college. I tell him he’s always going to be My Baby Boy. He’s Sharp as a Wip, Strong as an Ox and can Outplay you in Any Game. I miss him daily. I love you Bub💌. 
My middle child, Dear Daughter, is our Only Girl and will be a Teenager Soon. She enjoys Playing Sports, Singing, Acting, Academics, Playing her Instruments, Crafts, Chatting with her Friends and Coding on the Computer. She is Quick to Please, Flashes her Smile and Loves to Have Fun! Love you Sister!💖
My youngest, Little Dear Son, is the Baby of our Entire Family. He’s our Joke Cracking, Slap-stick Funny, You Tube watching, Singer, Actor, Sport Playing, Loves Academics and is also a Gamer like Big Brother. He still has that Belly Laugh that gets you Tickled, loves Random Hugs, and is a Genuine Honest Person. Love you Brother!❤️
I am the oldest of Six Children, five girls and one boy. Yes, you should feel sorry for him, My Brother. We put him through a lot of Agony, in which most of it, None of us are remorseful for. Oh yeah cause He gave it right back at us. 😉 Love you Bro!
A house full of Young Ladies made for Never Boring Days growing up. Someone was always mad about something, in Trouble for some reason, or just being difficult to Live with. Yep. It was Great. We’d be Fighting like Cats and Dogs one minute then playing like Angels the next. It’s a Wonder we didn’t drive our Parents Crazy! But more about them Later. Love my Sisters!💞
My Mom. She grew up when Kennedy was shot, Martin Luther King stood on the steps and Preached, when the Hippies gathered at Woodstock, and when living in Coal Mines’ Towns was not the sought after places. She learned many things from the “Old Ways” and not because it was Fun to be Thrifty, but on account of It was Necessary to Live. Love you Mom!💗
My Dad. He too grew up on Hard Times. However, you’ll never hear him speak a word of disgust about it. He’s a very Thankful Man. I would dare to say he has Never looked a Gift Horse in the Mouth. Another Thing is his Memory. One of my sister’s has his Gift. But he can Recall and Remember every person he’s just about Ever Met. There’s not a Place he can go without running into someone he knows. You’d be Lucky to have him as a Friend. Love you Dad!❤️
So now you’ve got a Better Understanding about me and where I came from. Tell me about yourself. I wanna know. How many siblings do you have? Are you married? Do you have children? I’d love to hear more about you. Enjoy!